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The Villa Olga Property History

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Villa Olga has been called by many names--Careening Hole, South Side Quarter, Honduras Estate. It's just around the corner from Frenchtown Village and is of great historical significance, being 8+ acres of hills and waterfront and the site of the first fort in St. Thomas.

The property where Villa Olga stands has a long and varied history. It was settled by the first Danish governor of St. Thomas, Jurgen Ivensen, in 1672-1679. The estate went through many owners during the 18th century, and its name was changed to Altona and Welsgunst. It seems to have been a livestock type of estate with sugar and vegetable cultivation.

In early times, St. Thomas was know for its large harbor, a haven to the pirates who had been granted amnesty, if their plundering stopped. The slave ships were anchored, waiting to take on water for the last leg of their journey, while merchant ships, bringing in new settlers, merged with the harbor traffic.

Another hundred years passed, and a Great House was built on the point (South side Quarter) as well as giant above ground cisterns, which held a million gallons of water. They were built by the Russians, to supply the coaling ships, tied up in the deep waters of Harover docks, across the cut, on Hassell Island. They also took over the Great House, establishing the Russian/Austrian Consulate. They called it Villa Olga, after the aristocratic lady of the Russian Court who married the consul general.

In the turbulent history of St. Thomas, Villa Olga was variously a quarantine station during World War II, a gambling house, and at the peak of St. Thomas's economic growth, she was the acknowledged social center of the island where the great and the near great congregated. Currently, Villa Olga looks out over the Caribbean in serene elegance after more than 100 years of unique history.

For more details about this property go to "Villa Olga Property".

Shore View Towards Town

View of what remains of the old cistern (approx 1 million gallons).

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